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The Game

Developed on CYWARIA, a cybersecurity streaming platform, CYWARIA League North is an interactive cyberwar game designed to teach students valuable skills for the digital battlefield by replicating real-world cyber threats.  Players individually tackle cyber-attack scenarios, honing their skills in threat detection, mitigation, and prevention, while learning about the always-evolving field of cybersecurity.


The advanced simulator creates an immersive and challenging learning environment that simulates real-life scenarios that students could expect to encounter in a junior level cyber security role.


Each challenge is worth points, and the amount varies depending on difficulty and time taken to complete it. Some questions feature hints to help guide players to the correct answer. Points may be deducted upon the redemption one of these hints. The cost of redeeming a hint is indicated prior to the redemption of a hint.


Points are collected to create a live leaderboard that ranks participants, this competitive element creates a life-like pressure to complete the tasks quickly and effectively. Points are cumulative through the 12 challenges and one player will be awarded the title of Canada’s top Cywarrior.








Each monthly challenge will focus on developing and testing students knowldgebase on relevant real world topics including: 



  • Simple Network Communication
  • Switched Network
  • The need of Subnetting
  • The IPv4 Successor
  • Routing is the Key
  • VLANing Switched Network
  • Security First
  • Remote Control
  • Working with ACLs
  • Troubleshoot my network please
  • Enterprise Network Troubleshooting