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The Challenges


Build confidence and gain experience applying your cybersecurity knowledge to solve real-world problems.

Student playing video game

  • Accurate and realistic - Scenarios are based on real-world events and threats to ensure training is relevant and up to date.
  • Practical training - The platform’s cyber challenges provide hands-on experience that prepares students to tackle a range of cyber threats.
  • Performance tracking - The platform offers automated guidance and support for students
  • Cloud based platform - Users only require a web browser to the advanced cyber security training.



Challenge Topics 



October - Simple Network Communication

November - Switched Network

December - The need of Subnetting

January - The IPv4 Successor

February - Routing is the Key

March - VLANing Switched Network

April - Security First

May - Remote Control

June - Working with ACLs

July - Troubleshoot my network please

August - The Advance Stuff

September - Enterprise Network Troubleshooting



Eligibility: Canadian students registered in grades 11 and 12 are eligible to participate. At this time participation in the league is not open to students in Quebec.